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  • Accumulation
    Accumulation planning addresses an individual's investment needs, asset allocation, and the suitability of different types of securities in light of your goals.
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  • Taxation
    Tax planning considers the tax implications of individual, investment, or business decisions, usually with the goal of minimizing tax liability.
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  • Business Planning
    Business planning focuses on issues specific to business owners and shareholders. For business owners, the business is their most significant asset.
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About Us

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Help simplify your finance

Let us spend time take care of your finance and you spend time enjoy your life
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Huge potential

  • Over 70% of customers have had an annual income of less than ₹ 2 lakh
  • Credit in rural India has been highly unorganized
  • Local moneylenders have had exorbitant interest rates
  • Rural customers have had income profiles that are not steady
  • Ticket size for loan requirements have been extremely small
  • Customers live far from each other, having made them difficult to reach & serve

Supports SATIN Mission

  • Over 65% of the nation’s population still lives in rural areas and we decided to serve them.
  • The SATIN brand-name was trusted across the country, especially rural markets and we decided to not just leverage it but also live up to it.
  • We decided to always maintain sound financial health and in line with the SATIN philosophy this also enabled us to build a sound reputation in the eyes of regulators and governments alike.
  • With access to over 21 states and millions of customers, we now had to build a product that was not just path-breaking but also one which was easy to understand.

Defining growth path

  • We provide personalized service where our team meet customers at their doorstep, any time of the day
  • We enable all customers to maintain proper documentation.
  • We hire locally to adapt to local complexities and evaluate every customer’s application in detail.
  • We conduct due diligence and credit evaluation based on our understanding of local nuances.
  • We serve the ‘Affordable Housing’ customer.
  • We are working to support India’s mission “Housing for All by 2022”
  • We service individuals and segments of society that are underserved by banks and other financial.

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