Who we are

Aiming to finance your dream home

SATIN expansion into Housing segment complements its mission to cater to the underserved segments of the market by providing specialized financial products

The Answer is home

Huge potential

  • Over 70% of customers have had an annual income of less than ₹ 2 lakh
  • Credit in rural India has been highly unorganized
  • Local moneylenders have had exorbitant interest rates
  • Rural customers have had income profiles that are not steady
  • Ticket size for loan requirements have been extremely small
  • Customers live far from each other, having made them difficult to reach & serve

Supports SATIN Mission

  • Over 65% of the nation’s population still lives in rural areas and we decided to serve them.
  • The SATIN brand-name was trusted across the country, especially rural markets and we decided to not just leverage it but also live up to it.
  • We decided to always maintain sound financial health and in line with the SATIN philosophy this also enabled us to build a sound reputation in the eyes of regulators and governments alike.
  • With access to over 21 states and millions of customers, we now had to build a product that was not just path-breaking but also one which was easy to understand.

Defining growth path

  • We provide personalized service where our team meet customers at their doorstep, any time of the day
  • We enable all customers to maintain proper documentation.
  • We hire locally to adapt to local complexities and evaluate every customer’s application in detail.
  • We conduct due diligence and credit evaluation based on our understanding of local nuances.
  • We serve the ‘Affordable Housing’ customer.
  • We are working to support India’s mission “Housing for All by 2022”
  • We service individuals and segments of society that are underserved by banks and other financial.

Our Aim

To promote a sound, healthy, viable and cost effective housing finance system to cater to rural and semi-urban segments of the population. We aspire to create a benchmark for housing finance in rural India in terms of profitability for all the stakeholders.

What’s motivate us ?

Untold stories

She lives in a big joint family consisting of 3 brothers, their wives and children (10 members). Their previous house was not big and also old & primitive. So the two brothers took loans for SHFL to make 2 new homes alongside the old one so now all 3 brothers have individual houses with their family and proper sanitation. They are happy that there is ample space for the children to study and also to keep their farming equipment and food.