CEO Speak

CEO Speak

Mr. Amit Sharma Whole Time Director & CEO


From the very onset of our journey, we have sought to stay true to what we believe in and deliver what we’ve promised every time. After all, it’s a matter of trust. I think in my opinion, it is core strength of a company marked for success; one with trust deeply ingrained into its every relationship, both internal and external. The importance of this trust is obvious; it helps builds market reputation, positively enhance customer perception, and experience thus leading to efficient & ethical business practices.

But how do you gain it? And more significantly, how do you keep it?
The Answer is though simple but difficult to inculcate and that is culture. We at SHFL have people coming from various facets of professional culture but the message, training and the practice along with the ethics imbibed is that we will always work towards being with 100% honesty in all aspects of Business.
As a housing finance company, the aim is to establish a sound, healthy, viable and cost effective financing system to cater to the housing finance demand for rural and semi-urban segments of the population…As a Business Venture we need and will strive for business excellence and set the best industry benchmarks with creation of value for all the stakeholders and our proud customers.

We aspire to nurture the aspirational dream of millions of our country our fellow country people to own their house. It gives an immense proud feeling to see them happy and proud while owning their house. To be on the most emotional part of Human Dream of owning a house and to be participative in that space pf pride and happiness SHFL made foray into the Affordable Housing market segment.
We looked at the truth of the prospective buyers circumstances and requirements and endeavored in our efforts to cater to wide range of customers starting from lowest end of the income pyramid to Middle Class Income Customers so that the sense of financial empowerment comes right from below to the top to so it bit differently. In order to make a real difference. We feel the JANANI जननी (that is respected word for Female) are deprived of credit privileges traditionally, we truly believe in Women Empowerment and will support the house ownership in a big way to Female Owners with our support by promoting Women Only Oriented Home Loan Products.

SHFL, originated with customers first thought process and it will promote all the subsidy schemes of the Govt &NHB from time to time to the customers. We aspire to give our customers maximum benefits of all subsidy schemes and support India’s Mission of Housing for all by 2022.Our growth path is defined by and closely woven with those we help along the way – when they succeed and achieve their goals, so do we

You see, at Satin Housing Finance, a happy and satisfied customer is not an end result, it’s a process! And it takes having a team of professionals that truly connect with people, embracing the latest technology to aid operations, while showing transparency at every stage.SHFL believes and will follow a true testimony to the three principles of organizational success that is People, Process & Technology